The Don, Victoria Park

The Ramen Burger

A couple of weeks ago we headed to Vic Parks latest pop up eatery The Don. Anthony was invited to have lunch there the week prior and absolutely raved about the food so when Jonas (one of the owners) invited us back to try out his latest Tapas menu we couldn’t resist.

The Don Menu

Arriving at The Don’s we were warmly greeted by Jonas and seated at our table. That night we were being treated to a delicious 4 course degustation menu that showcases the delicious dishes The Don has to offer.

Spicy Tom Yum Ramen

First on The Don’s degustation menu was a choice of either Miso Char Siu Ramen or Spicy Tom Yum Ramen. We chose the Spicy Tom Yum Ramen dish. The broth its self had a perfect balance of sour and spicy flavours with a nice hit of chilli! The beautiful prawns, ramen noodles and broth makes this a winning dish that is perfect for these cold winter days.

We were then treated to a selection of tasty Baos to share. Looking down at our platter I knew exactly which one I was going to dive into first. The Crispy Cheeky Bao. This bao consisted of super crispy crunchy golden Kaarage chicken with yuzu mayo and a slaw. This bao tasted as scrumptious as it looked!

Anthony went straight for the Sang Choi Bao in a Bao. After his first bite he said to me excitedly “You’ve got to try this!” I tried it and it was sooo good! The mince was done well, nice well balanced savoury flavour. Good on Jonas for coming up with something a little different for his customers to try.

The last Bao to try was the Char Siu Bao. Inside the bao was a succulent thick slice of slow cooked BBQ pork. Deeelicious!

The Ramen Burger

Next up, The Don Burgers! I have seen a lot of pictures on social media lately of Ramen Noodle burgers, so I was glad when I found out we were going to try it at The Don. Our Ramen noodle burger consisted of crispy Karaage chicken with salad, tomato and yuzu mayo sandwiched between two crispy fried ramen noodle buns. What was our verdict? Delicious! the ramen patty wasn’t too thick. The ramen noodle bun had a crispy outer coating with a soft moist centre. I didn’t what to expect with this burger but after trying for it to the first time I really liked it!

Matcha Green Tea Crepe

Last but definitely not least, was a slice of the exquisite Matcha Green Tea Crepe Cake. This cake looked perfect and you can see that it was made with a lot of care and attention. This cake was deliciously creamy and moorish with a subtle green tea flavour.

We had a blast at The Don! Jonas and his team were so friendly and welcoming. The food, atmosphere and customer service was on point! We’d definitely revisit The Don again and show our support for this bustling pop up eatery.


Darlings Super Club, Northbridge

Darlings Supper Club Northbridge

On a recent trip to Melbourne, Anthony and I enjoyed some amazing Asian Fusion cuisine. One of the places we dined at was Chef Benjamin Cooper’s popular Chin Chin’s Restaurant. All of our senses were intoxicated by the creative aromatic dishes that were being sent from the kitchen. With each mouth watering bite we were in foodie heaven! Its been a couple of months since our trip and we’ve been wanting to find somewhere similar in our own backyard.

Darlings Supper Club is a contemporary Asian Fusion Restaurant located on Northbridge’s Lake street. The menu is divided up between a selection of dumplings, small dishes, large dishes, few sides and a few desserts. Looking through the menu we were a bit surprised there weren’t any delicious spicy asian curries to choose from. Anthony and I ordered a few dishes each which come out as they were cooked instead of the traditional way of being brought to your table all at the same time.

Darlings Supper Club Northbridge

First up was, Steamed chicken dumplings, pea shoot, lemongrass, hot & sour broth $10. This was a tasty start to our dinner although the hot & sour broth was a bit underwhelming as it tasted more like a savoury chicken broth.

Steamed Chicken Dumplings, Pea Shoot, Lemongrass, Hot & Sour Broth $10

Steamed Chicken Dumplings, Pea Shoot, Lemongrass, Hot & Sour Broth $10

Darlings crispy chicken with hot sauce $16. This was so delightfully scrumptious! the wings were crispy and seasoned to perfection. The hot sauce was sweet with just the right amount heat.

Darlings Crispy Chicken with Hot Sauce $16

Darlings Crispy Chicken with Hot Sauce $16

Darlings roast duck & king prawn nasi goreng, fried egg $28. We chose this dish minus the king prawns as we had someone at the table that was allergic. The duck was so deliciously soft and tender and the nasi goreng was packed with a lot of flavour.

Darlings Roast Duck & King Prawn Nasi Goreng, Fried Egg $28

Darlings Roast Duck & King Prawn Nasi Goreng, Fried Egg $28

Berkshire pork belly, chilli palm caramel, coconut, lychee $24. The pork was rendered nicely to create a crispy crackling. The sweetness of lychees and the texture of the raw coconut was a tasty accompaniment. The portion was a little small for the price but nevertheless we enjoyed the flavours.

Berkshire pork belly, chilli palm caramel, coconut, lychee $24

Berkshire Pork Belly, Chilli Palm Caramel, Coconut, Lychee $24

Miso panna cotta, salted caramel foam & peanut praline $16. This dessert was amazing! Tasting each of the elements together, the smooth buttery texture of the miso panna cotta and salty sweetness of the caramel foam was so exquisitely delicious that if we had enough room in our bellies, we would of ordered another one!

Miso Panna Cotta, salted caramel foam & peanut praline $16

Miso Panna Cotta, Salted Caramel Foam & Peanut Praline $16

Our dining experience with Darlings Supper Club was great. The service was friendly and professional. We loved the fact that any food we had left over at our table didn’t go to waste as they were happy to package it up for us so we can take it home. The star of the night was definitely the Miso panna cotta dessert, this dessert was simply amazing!

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