You Plate It

You Plate It

A while back Anthony entered an Instagram competition and was lucky enough to win an opportunity to try ‘You Plate It’ for the first time! You Plate It is a food home delivery service that was created by Perth mates Mark & Paul. They wanted to offer an affordable food service that takes the time and hard work out of preparing good healthy meals for people that don’t have the time. The team at You Plate It creates the recipes, sources and measures out the produce, then nicely boxes it all up and delivers it straight to your door. Our prize, was the Couples box (Meals for two people for 4 nights per week) for a total of 4 weeks.

Having never used a service like this before, both Anthony and I didn’t know what to expect. Opening up our very first box we were excited to see beautiful fresh produce, ingredients with brand names we recognise and meat from a local gourmet butcher. Each recipes ingredients are bundled together in a biodegradable bag so you can easily pack it away in your fridge and pull it out when you need it.  We were supplied with easy to use recipes for the four days. Anthony and I were definitely impressed with the level of thought that went into these boxes.

You Plate It online

The good thing about You Plate It was that we got to choose our meals each week. We loved the variety of cuisines you can choose from. Anthony the resident cook also picked up a few tips along the way! During the four weeks we tried a LOT of delicious You Plate It meals. Below is our top 5 favourite dishes, in no particular order!

Overall our experience with You Plate It was excellent and we’d like to thank both Paul and Mark for the awesome instacomp! We would definitely use You Plate it again, not only because we know that You  Plate It provides good quality food but because it is really affordable too at $12.38 per meal, that seems good value for us!