Hello, welcome to Just For Starters!

My name is Michelle. My husband Anthony and I, have created Just For Starters as a creative outlet to showcase our passion for food and coffee. We are a little different to other foodies because, a couple of years ago we both underwent Gastric Sleeve surgeries. A Gastric Sleeve limits your food intake to small portions thus making it easy for you to lose weight. Both of us have been overweight for most of our lives and we have tried various ways to loss weight.


Ever since our surgeries, our attitude towards food has dramatically changed. We have become very choosy with the food we consume. Tasty, quality food made by fresh local produce is what matters most to us. We are constantly on the lookout for great places to eat in Perth and when we do find somewhere special, we want to share it with as many people as we can!


Anthony is the cook in our household. If you follow him on Instagram (@thejollyeater) you will see all the delicious meals he whips during the week. Anthony’s passion is cooking. He is at his happiest in the kitchen creating tasty meals. Each week we hope to post up some of Anthony’s delicious recipes for you guys to try at home! As for me? I’m crazy about coffee! (my instagram is @athomebarista). I have an espresso coffee machine at home where I start each day with a delicious creamy latte. There is nothing better than the first sip of coffee in the morning! We buy fresh beans each week from coffee roasters all around Australia. As well as checking out great places to eat, we also love checking out new specialty coffee places around Perth.


If you have any questions that you would like to ask us including queries about our Gastric Sleeve journey, comment below or email us on justforstarters@iinet.net.au. We would love to hear from you!

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