Mediterranean Beans Recipe

Mediterranean Beans

Serves 4 people

1 Tbsp Olive Oil
2x Chorizos Sliced
1x Red Onion Finely Sliced
1x Red Capsicum Finely Sliced
2x Garlic Clove Grated
2 1/2 Tsp Cumin
1 1/2 Tsp Sweet Paprika
1/4 Tsp Chilli Flakes
2 x 410g Can Ardmona Tomatoes & Mixed Herbs
2 Tbsp Maple Syrup
1x 400g Can Cannellini Beans
1x 400g Can Butter Beans
Salt & Pepper

1. Heat oil on a medium heat then add chorizo and cook until golden.
2. Add onion, capsicum and garlic cook for 5 minutes or until soft, add cumin, paprika and chilli cook till aromatic.
3. Add tomatoes, maple syrup and season cook for 5 minutes add Cannellini and Butter beans and cook for a further 2 minutes or until beans are heated through.


Clement Coffee, Melbourne

Clement Coffee

Clement Coffee was created by St Ali’s former barista Kris Wood. Kris Wood’s original plans was to all bring the coffee knowledge that he has learnt in Melbourne back to Perth and open up a successful coffee shop of his own. Things didn’t go to plan, once Kris got to Melbourne he didn’t want to leave. Since opening its doors, this speciality coffee shop has proven to be a popular asset to South Melbourne’s vibrant coffee scene. Clement Coffee is also part of the St Ali Family. St Ali, Sensory Lab and Clement Coffee are all roasted off site at the same location and Andy Todd, a Production Roaster for the St Ali Family, is the sole roaster for Clement Coffee. Below is a quick review of our experience using Clement Coffee..

Ships to: Australia Wide
Postage: Flat Rate $6.00 postage

What we bought:
Pony Blend 250g $15.00 – Green apple bite with candied citrus, bright lemon zest and a lush syrupy mouthfeel. Elegant florals and soft dark chocolate round out a clean and balanced cup.
Mutheka Peaberry, Espresso 250g $22.00 – Creamy with strawberry like acidity. Sweet and balanced with flavours of pawpaw and white peach.
Condor San Agustin 250g $17.00 – Rich black cherry and dark chocolate flavours, sweet and bold with a lingering syrupy mouthfeel

Date we placed order: 11th July 2015
Date we received order: 14th July 2015
Roasted date of coffee:
Pony – 10th July 2015, Mutheka Peaberry – 13th July 2015 and Condor San Agustin – 13th July 2015

Condor San Agustin 250g $17.00 – Rich black cherry and dark chocolate flavours, sweet and bold with a lingering syrupy mouthfeel

Life of a food blogger…. Drinking Condor San Agustin 250g $17.00 – Rich black cherry and dark chocolate flavours, sweet and bold with a lingering syrupy mouthfeel

Online store:
Grind options – Beans, Stovetop, Paper Filter, Espresso, Syphon and Plunger
Roast Day – Every Monday
The online store offers a small selection consisting of 1x Blend, 2x Single origins and 1x Decaf.We originally ordered Fazenda Rainha Micro Lot, Espresso 250g $17.00 but unfortunately they were out of stock. They promptly emailed us to let us know and suggested the Condor San Agustin 250g $17.00 instead

Would you use this roaster again?
Yes, we would. The roasting dates were good and the flat rate postage was affordable. There was a limited selection available online so we would mostly likely check their online store again later down the track to see if there is anything new and interesting to buy.

The Fez Cafe, Mount Lawley

The Fez Cafe Mt Lawley
If I had to sum up the food at Mt Lawley’s Fez café I would say, simple wholesome food done well. Anthony and I had The Fez café on our foodie list for a while now and after trying their pancakes, I am glad we did.

The Fez Cafe Mt Lawley

As we entered the café I immediately got a sense of what this family owned café is all about. The décor was a mixture of colourfully eclectic pieces. One side of the café has a large mural of an eagle being painted over a bright green wall. It wasn’t finished yet but it still looked really impressive. It was also great to see that they used a young local artist.

Corned Beef Hash – mixed potatoes, herbs, onions & garlic, kale, house pickles, fried eggs and horse radish cream $22

Corned Beef Hash – mixed potatoes, herbs, onions & garlic, kale, house pickles, fried eggs and horse radish cream $22

Buttermilk Pancakes – berry compote, mascarpone and maple syrup $18

Buttermilk Pancakes – berry compote, mascarpone and maple syrup $18

For our breakfast we ordered Corned Beef Hash – mixed potatoes, herbs, onions & garlic, kale, house pickles, fried eggs and horse radish cream $22 and Buttermilk Pancakes – berry compote, mascarpone and maple syrup $18 . The Corned Beef Hash was a perfect hearty option for the cold winters morning. Anthony loved how they kept the flavours on the corn beef simple. It was nice n’ salty and cooked perfectly. The mixed potatoes and salty corned beef married well with his oozy runny fried eggs. It was definitely a comfort food dish. My buttermilk pancakes consisted of three golden pancakes with a side of berry compote, maple syrup and mascarpone. This unassuming plate of pancakes turned out to be an absolute delight! The pancakes were light and fluffy as well as being scrumptiously crispy on edges. I wanted the cooks recipe because my buttermilk pancakes never comes out like that! I generously dolloped the berry compote and mascaparone all over my pancakes. I loved the tartness of compote along with the creaminess of the mascarpone. Deeelish!

Snickers Cake

Snickers Cake

Got Milk Donuts

Got Milk Donuts

After we finished our breakfast we definitely wanted to take home some of their sweet treats we had seen earlier. Placed on one of their cabinets opposite the main counter was a huge mouth-watering Snickers cake annnnd a tray of fresh doughnuts that had just been delivered by Got Milk Donuts. We ended up ordering a slice of Snickers cake and three donuts (one of each flavour) to take home. If you are a fan of Snickers bars you will love this cake! This was also the first time we had tried Got Milk Donuts and it won’t be our last! These doughnuts were golden brown, lightly crispy on the outside and soft n’ fluffy inside. My favourite was the luscious Vanilla Brulee.

We’d definitely be back to eat at The Fez café. We enjoyed the meals and loved the sweet treat selection! Big thumbs up!

Egg Boat Recipe

Egg Boat Recipe

Egg Boat Recipe

1x Baguette (approx 25cm long)
1/2 Tsp Butter
2x Eggs
2x Tbs Thickened Cream
1/2 Small Onion (Finely Chopped)
3x Cherry Tomatoes (Cut into quarters)
1/4cup Capsicum (Finely Chopped)
2x Pieces Short Cut Bacon
25g Danish Fetta
40g Tasty Cheese (Grated)
Salt and Pepper

1. Preheat oven to 180C
2. Place your baguette on a baking tray
3. Cut a deep V shape in the centre of the baguette so the baguette resembles a boat
4. Heat up some butter in a small saucepan on medium heat. Once the butter starts to melt add onions, capsicum & bacon.
5. Sautée onions, bacon and capsicum until onions become transparent. Place the mixture on a paper towel and set aside.
6. In a medium bowl, crack two eggs and add cream, lightly whisk
7. Add cherry tomatoes and onions, capsicum & bacon mixture to eggs. Crumble the small block of fetta into mixture and stir all the ingredients together.
8. Season the mixture with salt and pepper
9. Slowly pour mixture into baguette
10. Sprinkle tasty cheese on top of baguette
11. Place baguette into oven and cook for approx 20 minutes or until golden brown
12. Once the baguette is out of the oven, wait 10 minutes to cool

Industry Beans, Melbourne

Industry Beans, Melbourne

It was the year 2010. Two Melbourne brothers, Steve and Trevor started their roastry with a limited budget in a small garage. Now, five years later, these boys have turned their love for coffee into a flourishing business. With a solid team behind them, they now have a roastery and busy cafe in the heart of Fitzroy. See below for a quick review on our experience using Industry Beans…

Ships to: Australia wide
Postage: Flat rate $9

What we bought:
Jampit Estate, Indonesia 250g $17.00 Baking cocoa, blackcurrant & almond
Fitzroy Street, 250g $15.00 Sweet citrus, plum and chocolate
Karimikui AA Kenya, 250g $17.00 Pronounced notes of apple, stone fruit, berry

Date we placed order: 11th July 2015
Date we received order: 15th July 2015
Roasted date of coffee: 13th July 2015

Fitzroy Street Blend, Industry Beans Melbourne

Online store:
Industry Beans offers three blends, five single origins and one decaf with their online store. The price for their beans ranges from $14 – $19 for their 250g bags. Grind options – whole beans/ espresso/ stovetop/ French press

Our favourite pick:
We loved all three blends/origins from Industry Beans but if we HAD to choose, we would pick Karimikui AA Kenya 250g $17.00. This light/medium bodied single estate had us hooked from the very first sip. We thoroughly enjoyed its deliciously sweet fruity notes.

Would you use this roaster again?
Yes we definitely would! We were happy with all three of our bags of coffee. Buying online was easy and our coffee didn’t take long at all to arrive.

Good Food & Wine Show Perth 2015


Good Food & Wine Show Perth 2015

8-10th July 2015

Perth Convention Centre

This years Good Food and Wine Show has come and gone and judging by the large crowds of Perth goers it seemed like it was a huge success! This is the first time I have been to the Good Food and Wine show and I was so excited to see the hundreds of stalls from leading winemakers and food suppliers.

Food Trucks at Good Food & Wine Show 2015

Macaroon Tower  - Good Food & Wine Show Perth 2015

Panna Chocolate - Good Food & Wine Show Perth 2015

Cheese - Good Food & Wine Show Perth 2015

There was also local celebrity Chefs and experts such as George Calombaris, Adam Liaw, Paul West, Anna Gare, Miguel Maestre mingling with the crowd before they went onto show their skills with their live cooking demonstrations. One of the highlights for us, was watching My Kitchen Rules stars Eva and Debra’s live cooking class. It was great watching the girls as they cooked a beautiful Fish in Banana Leaf and a Pandan Panna Cotta.

We had a wonderful day at this years Good Food and Wine Show, we sampled so many delicious food products and picked up some tasty goodies for home. A BIG thank you to the good guys at The Humus Club for giving two complimentary tickets!


Mac & Three Cheese Recipe

Mac & Three Cheese Recipe
1 Tbsp Olive oil
1 Tsp Salt
2 Cups Macaroni
50g Butter
4 Tbsp Plain Flour
2 ½ Cups Milk
1 Garlic Clove Grated
½ Tsp Nutmeg
2 Tsp Dijon Mustard
2 Shallots Finely Chopped
50g Honey Glazed Ham Cut into Strips
2 Tbsp Semi Dried Tomatoes Chopped
1 ½ Cups Tasty Cheese Grated
1/3 Cup Parmesan Cheese
3 Tbsp Danish Feta Crumbled
¼ Cup Panko Bread Crumbs (optional)
Salt and Pepper to season

1. In a medium saucepan fill with water 2/3 of the way add salt and olive oil and bring to boil over a med – high heat, add macaroni and cook until a little soft but still a bit firm as the pasta will finish cooking in the oven.

2. In a separate pot melt butter over a med – low heat, add flour and whisk it and remove from heat, put back over heat and add garlic keep whisking, once the garlic is aromatic slowly start adding milk bit by bit constantly whisking to get a smooth consistency.

3. Once the Bachamel sauce is smooth and creamy add nutmeg, Dijon and salt and pepper to taste, keep whisking for a further 2 minutes. Add shallots and 2/3 of Tasty Cheese and 2/3 of Parmesan Cheese and whisk until cheese has melted through and smooth.

4. Pre heat oven at 200 Degrees Celsius on bake, add Ham, Semi Sun Dried Tomatoes and Macaroni and stir to combine and cook for a further 2 – 3 minutes over a low heat.

5. Transfer mixture to oven proof dish and top with remaining Tasty cheese, Parmesan Cheese and Danish Feta. Sprinkle over Panko Bread Crumbs if you like extra crunch. Bake in oven for 15 minutes or until top is golden brown.